Passion Is The Key!

Do you love bodybuilding? Is going to the gym when you feel most alive and when you really thrive? If so, then you should make fitness into your job. It’s easy enough to do: you just have to become a personal trainer, to run a fitness blog, to enter bodybuilding competitions. You simply have to give yourself to that thing you love and if you care enough about it, you will find a way to make a living from it.

How about if you love books? Those are a little harder to make a living from right? Not really: just set up your own bookshop or your own library. Or how about making a book? Or teaching English literature. Or running a site that reviews books. Now what if you love the Indiana Jones films. That’s a bit harder to make a career from? Actually you’d be surprised to find that there are options here too – how about running an Indiana Jones fan site and putting adverts on it? When you do this, you will find that you ‘never work a day in your life’ in as much as work no longer feels like work and you will be eager to bound into it.

How to Build a Career Out of the Things You Love

So how do you go about turning that passion into a job? The first thing to do is to start doing the thing you love for free. This might sound counterintuitive but if you are truly passionate then you’ll find that opportunities start to present themselves. So start writing about what you love, start practicing it and start spending more time with other people who are passionate about it. As you do this and you put your time and energy into that thing, you should find that ways to monetize your passion start to reveal themselves. It may be that your writing starts attracting enough attention that you can put ads on a website. Or maybe you’ll write enough to sell a book? Perhaps you’ll even be able to compete in the thing you enjoy and make a living directly from your passion!

No matter how you monetize your passion though, they key is perseverance. Confidently and persistently working on your passion is always the first step to turning
it into a career.