Are you ready to Live a More Meaningful and Contented Life?

Can You Accept That You’re Not Perfect?

It’s About Time For You To Learn TO:
Accept Imperfection

  • You cannot respect yourself if you don’t accept yourself.
  • Self-love is crucial for any kind of success in life.
  • Self-love leads to self-improvement.

This 10-part video course with reading passages and Bonus Items, focuses on helping you reinvent a perfectionist mindset which no longer serves you. While in college I would become depressed if I didn’t earn a 100 on every exam, and it wore me down. Many of my classmates were happy (and ultimately very successful) even though they only scored in the 80th percentile. It’s crucial to give 100%to all of our undertakings, but unhealthy to set unrealistic standards.

Successful students view all of the videos and complete all of the reading, and take the necessary time to “digest” the new concepts. Making small incremental changes to your daily life will yield boundless results!

Learn to Accept Your Imperfections Now!

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